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The Ministry of Helps and hospitality

Course Content

Student Workbook

Your Student Workbook accompanies the two-part course entitled The Ministry of Helps and Hospitality  taught by Dr. Cindy Trimm. Included are lesson overviews, verses to remember, charts, lesson exercises, and more. Actively engage in each session by reading along with the instructor and reviewing the related materials as needed throughout your learning experience. Your bible will also be a handy resource to accompany your Student Workbook.

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The Ministry of Helps and Hospitality: PART 2

The list below outlines the page number of highlighted lessons within Part 2 of this course. Each segment has periodic video time stamps to help you follow along with the book and instructor. Use the outline below to refer back to certain sections of the video for your own notation, as a reference for homework completion, and as place holders for your study guides.

Page 22: The Spirit and Power of Servanthood — Time Stamp 0:02

Page 23: Servanthood Requires a Divine Mindset — Time Stamp 04:07

Page 28: Elisha Demonstrates the Privilege of Servanthood — Time Stamp 22:26

Page 32: Arm-Bearers — Time Stamp 35:53

Page 35: Doorkeepers/Keepers to the Gates — Time Stamp 48-36

Page 42: The Davidic Pattern — Time Stamp 1:00:00

Page 45: The Apostolic Pattern — Time Stamp 1:13:20

Page 54: Hospitality Defined — Time Stamp 1:24:48

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